everyone loves a wee sombrero (bibliotech) wrote in city_of_dreams,
everyone loves a wee sombrero

en route to the bar

They walked together, so close their arms were touching. Already comfortable with each other. Dom tried not to place any significance in that.

"So, you never told me what brought you to New York."

Dom shoves his hands in his pockets. "Music, I guess. And just...New York. Great city, y'know? Good people, good times. Good place to be." He knows he's rambling, but can't seem to help himself. He's fucking nervous around this guy--he's never nervous around people.

"Hmm. I like what I've seen of it so far."

Does he mean...? "Well, if you need a tour guide, let me know. Give me a call or something." Dom wants to fall into a hole. A large, black hole. Any second now, if there's a God.

Billy gives him a smile. "I'd like that, Dom."

"Oh. Uh, here we are." Thank God. "Ready for a drink?"

Billy laughes. "I was born ready."
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